Picture Perfect

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I’ve been looking this morning at some of the really great pics of the Cat’s Cradle show that are up on Flickr right now. And just thinking how different the event would have been if Lane Wurster and Steve Balcom, of the Splinter Group, hadn’t been involved. Locally it’s no secret that they excel in “making things happen,” from publicity and promotion to graphic design and Web design. So when Frank Heath told me that they, too, loved the record and wanted to be involved, I expected excellence. But they personally repainted the stage of the club!–it went from decades of matte black to a sky and clouds that looked like you could walk right through them. Then the hot-air balloons with three stars (the motif from the posters they designed) took flight on stage as well! All of us musicians felt like we were in the middle of a dream. They did a program for the event, with the actual 70s lead sheet for Kanga Roo on the front! And the sale of the signed posters raised a bunch of bucks on their own for the charities. Anyway, just wanted to give all at the firm, <www.thesplintergroup.net>, a big shout-out.

And a PS of a big tip of the hat to Cary Baker, at <www.conqueroo.com>, who helped us get the word out nationwide.

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