Full House at Overdub Lane

Posted by on December 6th, 2010 with 0 Comments

Last night was our first rehearsal with strings and winds and brass all together, I think we had 20 people in the room? So cheering to see a bassoon peeking up over the cello, not to mention flute, sax, trumpet, F horn, trombone . . . ! And Django and Matt and Brett Harris and Sidney Dixon stopped by, as well, to sing through some of the ones they are doing. It was a glorious sound. Ari Picker conducted for us, at Overdub Lane in Durham.  Peter Holsapple kindly subbed on piano for Charles Cleaver (who had an engagement). With all the vintage gear at Overdub, and with Mitch in the corner with the slide and the twang bar, it felt a bit like I imagine Gold Star or Ocean Way must have in the days of  the Beach Boys and Pet Sounds. And even though Jody Stephens and Mike Mills aren’t here yet, it was a kind of lift-off all round: Surf’s Up.

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